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BOI News

BoI – PvP Tournament Update

Thanks to all the players who has offered their suggestions for PvP Tournament.  We have taken them into consideration, and here are the newest rules for the forth coming PvP tournament.  If you have any opinion on the new rules, feel free to share them below, or in the forum!

The tournament will remain a one tournament per server format; however, if you have a team that match the requirements below feel free to submit your application.  If the demand is high enough and there are enough applications, we might be able to open another tournament for the different level bracket. 

The following rules and restrictions for the tournament has been voted as both competitive and balanced by the seasoned players of Battle of the Immortals:

Single Elimination Tournament bracket.





 • 8 teams per server
• Each team will consist of five starters, and two bench spots.  Seven players total per team.
• No class restrictions.
• You will need to be at least level 100 to participate in the tournament






• Match will start promptly on scheduled time, with a ten minute grace period. 
• Team will be automatic disqualification if they do not have a full 5 men team at the start of the match.
• Team versus team death match.  Once you are defeated, you are out of the match. 
• All equipments are allowed, and you can upgrade it however you like.
• All healing items are allowed, such as potions and food items.
• Pets are allowed.
• Reviving a fallen comrade is NOT allowed. 
• Defeat your opponent’s entire team to be declared as the winner of the match.
• Any interference of the match or breaking the rules will result in your team’s disqualification from the tournament






• The following information must be included in your application:

  • Team name
  • Team motto
  • Team logo
  • Team member name
  • Team member level
  • Team member avatar (Full body shot preferred)

• Email application to
• Make the application as visually pleasing as you want for a better chance to be chosen.

BoI – Fan Art Contest Winners!!

Thank you all very much for all of your participation in the first Battle of the Immortal fan art contest!!

We have received quite a few submissions, and they sure were a lot of fun to go through.  However, judging them was no easy task; it was very hard to pick only ten winners from the bunch.  But after having serious discussions with many San Francisco Museum of Modern Art curators , and spend countless nights sitting under the stars analyzing the progress and the evolution of art, I was finally able to pick the ten best submissions for the Battle of the Immortal fan art contest.

Click on thumbnail for fullsize view.


Leo by ilumino


Heretic by Shurely


Battle by Hila


Fan art by lulabee2

Angela by JadesGypsyy


IGP by JewelOfDeath


Atriedes by ielna


Dragon by ajferrini


BOI by MightyZerk


I Heart BoI by Xiao_ling

BoI – Mother’s Day Event

“Mom I love you. “

This is a simple phrase that we do not say enough to our mother. 
This month Battle of the Immortals will give you a chance to express how much you love and care for your mom on our Mother’s Day event.

Starting from May 10th to May 20th, Battle of the Immortals players will have a chance to share with the community just how much they appreciate what their mom has done for them.  It can be anything from the best gift, a heartwarming story, a drawing, or even a picture of the two of you together.  The five best entries that move us in the Battle of the Immortals team will win two fabulous LV4 Gem Chests each.

To participate in the Mother’s Day event, click on the link below:
P.S.  One submission per player please.

Event Period:  May 10th to May 20th.
Prize:  Winners of this event will receive two Level 4 Gem Chests each.

BoI – Extravagant Wedding Sale!

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level?  Show your love to that special someone with a deluxe Battle of the Immortals marriage.

Marriage in Battle of the Immortals is a simple, yet meaning service that really let that special someone knows how much you care about them.  With the Extravagant Wedding Pack and Fresh Flowers on sale in the Marketplace, your dream wedding is just a couple clicks away.

Before you can get married though there are a couple of things both partners needs to have completed.  First, you need to make sure that you and your partner of the opposite gender are both at least level 50.  Second, to make sure you are not rushing into anything you might regret, you and your partner will need to have a minimum of 10,000 friendship points which can be achieve by killing monsters together in a party, or give each other flowers.


The wedding itself will cost 1.68 million coins to perform, and you will have the choice to hold a normal wedding or a deluxe wedding.  To perform a deluxe wedding, you will need to have the item Extravagant Wedding Pack in your inventory.  A deluxe wedding will include the following luxurious items:


  • Wedding held in the Garden of Gentleness for you and all your guests.
  • Tuxedo for the groom, and a wedding dress for the bride.
  • His and her wedding rings 
  • A wedding cake, champagne tower, and a royal feast for all your guests. 


By completing the wedding event in its entirety, the newlyweds will start off with an abundant of Bliss Points, so make sure to invite all your friends to the ceremony.  Bliss Points are required for the married couple to learn unique skills that will be able to enhance their game play together, such as gaining more experience points, teleporting, healing, and reviving their spouse.







Whether you are looking to spice up your marriage, or just want to gain the blessing from the lord of the underworld, the Hades’ Blessing Outfits is on sale this week!

You have the sugar; now add some spice and make everything nice.  The Hade’s Blessing will be on sale this week for only 30 ZENs each, and when you wear it will give you great offensive might. 

Make sure to complete the entire Hades’ set by getting Hades’ Feather accessory also found in Hades’ Blessing for even more status improvements.

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